Seeking Stylish Modern Office Clocks? Best Railway Wall Clock Options

Railway clocks can have surprising versatility, especially since they work so well in either home or office. As office clocks they really shine – especially the modern railway styles. Those work from cubicle to private office, from hallway to kitchenette. A few modern railway clocks in your place of work can really ramp up the style of your space, and bring a few smiles along with it. It’s a simple way to bring personality and coolness to an environment that’s too easily sterile.

Below are five of our favorite train station clocks that we think are perfect as modern office clocks. They are stylish, sleek, and even industrial in design. And all of them have something to say, so they liven up the workplace.

Karlsson Wall Clock Maxie, Black

Coming in multiple colors, all perfect for the office or den.

Karlsson is one of the kings of the modern railway clock style, and this offering is one of our favorites. It comes in three different sets of color: black (as seen here), steel, and white. All three are very modern and sleek. For us, it’s the numbers that grab our attention. The font is simple to read (perfect for an office), but unique at the same time. The simplicity draws the eye, and the overall look will match nearly any modern office space. It measures in at 12 inches in diameter, so this can be used on a cubicle wall as well.

La Crosse Technology, 16-Inch Metal Atomic Analog Clock

In white or black. An Atomic clock, perfect for the gadget geek office worker. 

This one’s a little larger (16 inches across), so it’s not the perfect fit for a cubicle wall – but it can still work! And it’s of course exceptional for an office wall. This La Crosse Technology clock is a great gift for the gadget geeks out there, as it’s atomic. That means it’s radio controlled, and the minute it’s powered it will grab the correct time on its own. No need for you to do anything. The style is simple and clean, but that’s what makes it a smart choice for an office space. It does come in white or black.

Mondaine Wall Clock: Black Dial, Black Frame

The king of Swiss Railway industrial design. 

Mondaine is well-known around the world for its famous Swiss Railway clocks. These things are industrial design classics that even one of the world’s greatest companies (Apple) couldn’t help but admire. These are the model of clocks that the iPhone and iPad clocks are modeled after. The white clock face is the most famous, but we are suckers here for the black clock face for the modern office space. It adds some cool to the cubicle. It’s diameter is 10 inches across, so it’ll work even in tight wall spaces.

Present Time Karlsson Maxiemus Station Wall Clock, Matte Black Case

Very modern and sleek. Not for every office.

Another Karlsson looker that’s for sure, one that’s easily as cool in a home as it is in an office. If you’ve really put a lot into your modern office style, this clock can fit right in. It really pushes the envelope with the elongated batons and simple black on steel vibe. It’s not the clock for just the general cubicle or generically modern office. It’s best for the person (or business) who’s stepped up their game in office style. It’s also nearly two feet in diameter, so make sure you have the space you’ll need to pull it off on your wall.

Bai Jumbo Wall Clock, Railroad White

Sleek with an industrial Swiss Railway clock vibe.

Really this Bai clock shines for two things: The sleek clock face and the wide bezel. The Swiss Railway-style clock face gives this clock a modern industrial edge and the bezel delivers a unique personality all its own. It’s 20 inches in diameter, but the clock appears smaller due to the wide bezel. It’s very modern, and a very cool clock for the office.

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