Train Station Clocks 101: Railway Clock Styles From Old World To New

Let’s cut to the chase: Train station clocks are one of the most unique decorative clocks out there today. How many clock styles can run from turn of the century nostalgia to modern Swiss design? How many offer you so many different styles, from the traditional wall clock to the double-sided station clock? How many have been featured prominentlyin major films and sought after by one of the biggest tech companies in the world?

Only train station clocks. Or railway clocks, station clocks, or railroad clocks. They go by many names, but no matter what you call them, they are something special.

If you’re here, you know the beauty of these station clocks. And you’re considering one for your home or office. Or, you’re looking for Christmas gift or birthday present that’ll knock someone’s socks off. There are a lot of excellent railway clock styles for you to choose from, and below we touch on the main ones to help get you started.

Swiss Railway Clocks

This style has gained recognition with Apple’s use of the classic Mondaine clock face style in their iOS products. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad and love the clock design, then you’ll definitely love a Swiss station clock. They are the epitome of modern, clean design. Simple lines, white space, and quality materials.

Mondaine is the official clock maker of the Swiss Railways, and they make some spectacular options available for consumers to buy, from wall clocks to desk clocks.

Karlsson is another popular brand that produces modern station clocks, and they tend to push the innovation and creativity boundaries in terms of design, colors, and clock faces. They’ve got some real stunners in their collection.

Old-World Railway Clocks

These can come in many varieties – from western style station clocks to the classic double-sided varieties you see in the movie Hugo. They just breathe nostalgia and look phenomenal with rustic decor and in classically decorated homes. Obviously, those you’ll find for sale are normally replicas, but their clock faces have often been antiqued and they feature weathered metals to give a beautiful aged look. These speak to the glory days of train stations – when the railways were the hub and these clocks were their staple. You can still see amazing looking railway clocks in many of the major metropolitan train stations.

Double-Sided Railway Clocks

On both sides of the coin, there are double-sided railway clocks, and they are one of the things that makes decorating with railway clocks so much fun. There are lots of wall clocks and desk clocks out there, but a double-sided station clock brings timekeeping into another dimension. Literally. It puts the clock right into the middle of the action, where the time (and the design) can be enjoyed by people coming and going in different directions.

These are fun clocks for home and office hallways, for placing on your garage or entryway outdoors, or even as a conversation piece in any room of the home.

Beautiful From Any Direction

As you can see, train station clocks are amazing timepieces! Whether you’re looking for classic or modern, stylish or rustic, there are options for you. And you can be on a budget too, as there are many cheap varieties out on the market too!

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