Looking For Large Clocks? Five Railway Clocks That Wow

Sometimes a room’s style counts on something big and bold to anchor a wall. That’s where large clocks come in, particularly large wall clocks. They can be a terrific focal point of a space, something that grabs the eye and which you can design the rest of your room around if you’d prefer. There aren’t many pieces of wall art that can do that along with giving you the functionality that a big clock can as well.

Here are five of our favorite large railway clocks, both rustic and modern, that you can use in this way. All of them are 20 inches in diameter or larger, so they definitely have a presence in a room. You’ll be surprised by how much depth they’ll provide to your style.

Howard Miller York Station Wall Clock

21.5 inches in diameter (54.61 centimeters)

Skeleton clocks are something special. Sure big clocks grab attention, but do you know what else does? Skeleton clocks. These are clocks with the bare bones of a clock face. Here this stunning Howard Miller railway clock is made of iron with touches of gold finish on the clock hands and numbers. This will have a real decor punch in either a rustic room or a modern home, skeleton clocks are good that way. They’ll work in nearly any space you place them in.

Kensington Railway Station Extra Large Wall Clock

23 inches in diameter (58.42 centimeters)

If you’re looking for a large clock with vintage train station appeal, this design has many things going for it. First the weathered look and darker color scheme just works. It’ll play well with a lot of other rustic decorations. And the clock names a station: Kensington Station in London. This gives it an old-world European charm that usually costs hundreds of dollars. Not here – the price is actually quite reasonable for the size of the timepiece and the style.

IMAX Large Red Wall Clock

29.2 inches in diameter (74.17 centimeters)

A beauty in a deep distressed red, with gold accent coloring.  It’s technically modeled after a hotel clock, but railways clocks and these hotel timepieces have much in common. They are high in style and, in this instance, big and bold. The color scheme really makes a statement on a wall. It’s a great choice for a retro or rustic living room or den.

Large Iron Wall Clock With Roman Numerals

36 inches in diameter (91.44 centimeters)

As large clocks go, they don’t come much bigger than this for simple home decor use. This skeleton clock measures in at three feet on the nose. It’s stylish too, trimmed in black and gold. This clock will look terrific centered behind a couch or simply by itself on a wall.

Karlsson Nia Station Wall Clock

20 inches in diameter (50.8 centimeters)

And now for something completely modern, this big clock by Karlsson is special in its minimalism and unique design. The metal bezel itself is what gives this timepiece such a wide diameter. The dark face and silver-toned hands are super sleek. This one’s a must for ultramodern rooms and high-style spaces.

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