Cool Karlsson Clocks: Top Station Clock Choices From $30 to $200

Karlsson clocks come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, both analog and digital. There’s all sorts of unique and contemporary styles (some very cool), but here it’s all about their amazing station clocks. And Karlsson station clocks are some of the top modern railway clocks available.

These timepieces are very similar to Swiss station clocks, like the one’s from Mondaine, but Karlsson has a lot of fun with its products. In fact, these station clocks are some of the more innovative choices around. They’re grounded in the modern station clock tradition, but layered with some really cool design features.

Take a gander below at seven of the best Karlsson station clocks available right now. There’s some great options for home or office, and at a wide price range – from $30 to $200 – so there’s an option for every budget.

Karlsson Wall Clock: Transparent

Modern, in transparent glass and stainless steel. 

The light colors of this beautifully modern Karlsson clock make it feel nearly light as air. With brushed stainless steel and a glass transparent face, it’s got a style that’ll work with a lot of contemporary decor. It features the traditional station clock batons instead of numerals adding to the Swiss modern style. It’s a looker, no doubt, but subtler than some of Karlsson’s other unique station clocks. One AA battery is all it takes to run it (one is included with the clock).

Karlsson Wall Clock: Double Sided, Aluminum

A double-sided Swiss railway clock! That’s modern cool squared. 

Why settle for only one clock face when you can have two! There are lots of double-sided railway clocks out there to buy, but most are the more turn-of-the-century types of timepieces. This Swiss railway Karlsson clock is obviously NOT of that mold, and that makes it pretty special.  It does require an AA battery to run (not included here).

Karlsson Wall Clock: Hologram, Polished Steel

Batons or numbers. Numbers or batons. How ’bout both? 

This Karlsson station clock is very unique. Depending on your angle, you’ll be treated to two different styles of clock faces. The face is a hologram, so you’ll either see numbers (in a modern font) or station clock batons. It’s definitely a timepiece that’ll surprise all that see it. And no matter the hologram style you see, it’s pretty stunning in terms of looks, with its black face and polished steel. You’ll need one AA battery (not included).

Present Time Karlsson Maxiemus Station Wall Clock, Matte Black Case

Pure elegance this railway clock. 

Now THIS is a looker. This station clock is not about pushing the innovation envelope – it’s about delivering pure design elegance. It just feels rich with its stainless steel face and matte black batons. And at twenty-three inches across, it’ll definitely draw all eyes. It again runs on a single AA battery (not included here).

Present Time Karlsson Aluminum Station Wall Clock, Gold

Get a little gold on your wall. 

Here Karlsson gets a little creative with their station clock colors. This aluminum clock is colored gold with black number and clock hands. It’s got a retro style, but a definite edge too. You’ll need one AA battery to run it, not included in the package.

Karlsson Mr White Station Wall Clock

Simply white. And very stylish. 

From a design standpoint shades of white on white is a very interesting look. Karlsson nails it with this railway clock. With the white face, white numbers, and white clock hands, it’s all about very slight shade variations and shadows telling the story. It’s an awesome clock for an uber-modern style, and it has the perfect subtleness to act as a high-style living room wall clock. Again, one AA battery and not included here.

Present Time Karlsson Green Retro Station Wall Clock

Very 50’s retro across the board.

Everything about this train station clock screams 50’s retro – from the sea-foam green to the numerical fonts. Even the clock hands have that extra special 50’s touch. If the green is not your thing, it also comes in black. One AA battery is needed (and not included in the box).

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