Garden Decor: Seven Train Station Clocks That Look Great As Garden Ornaments

Garden decorations are at their best when they complement the natural and rustic feel so often found in those beautiful landscapes. And train station clocks can be a surprising great fit as garden clocks!

There are quite a few double-sided trains railway clocks that look amazing as a form of garden art, and even a few outdoor wall clocks that stand out as top-notch outdoor garden ornaments. When you’ve got a wall in that garden that’s just waiting for something unique, below are five of the timepieces to bring your style home. They’ve all got a rustic decor sense to them, matching ornate classic metals and earthen tones, perfect to round out your garden or patio decor!

Paddington Station Outdoor Garden Clock

Add some old-world London charm to your garden.

A little Victorian style and a lot of London appeal, this is a double-sided clock that’ll fit right into any outdoor garden. It’s a tribute to London’s famous Paddington Station circa 1854, and you know a little of that old-world London charm will rub off on your garden.

The clock face is ten inches across, and the casing is water resistant making it big enough to make a statement and durable enough to face most weather conditions.

Charleston Double-Sided Clock and Thermometer

Rustic, with both time and temperature.

The beautiful rustic metal is a real treat in this outdoor clock – it just feels like it’s meant to be outdoors in a rustic garden. One side of the clock features a Charleston Station clock face, while the other gives you the exact temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The antiqued face on both sides really adds to the charm, especially as a garden decoration. It feels like a real antique!

Maple’s 12-Inch Outdoor/Indoor Wall Clock, Aged Dial with Roman Numerals

Wood-styled wall clock ready for light outdoor use.

If you’ve got a covered area in your garden or a wall space that is protected from the elements, this is a great garden decor addition. The wood styling give it a natural appeal, and the Roman numeral clock face gives it a ton of vintage appeal.

It also keeps the temperature, but note it’s only in Celsius. No Fahrenheit on this clock.

Infinity Instruments Copper Climate- 12″ Metal In/Outdoor Clock

A beautiful faux copper garden clock. 

If you love the look of aged copper, then you’ll love the look of this station clock. The aged copper case feels antique, but not quite aged. It’s a nice mix of old and new. It is a double-sided clock with one side featuring the time and the other the temperature (in Fahrenheit). The case is waterproofed, so feel confident that it’ll withstand most normal weather conditions in a garden.

Benzara Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometers

Double-sided in a different way!

If you want the function of both time and temperature, but aren’t into the traditional hanging double-sided station clock, then give this one a try! It’s got an ornate powder-coated metal frame, along with both an antique clock face and a temperature gauge that covers both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The clock faces themselves are slightly antiqued to give the entire piece of garden art a rustic feel.

Springfield Dual-Sided Outdoor Thermometer and Clock

Big numerals add some whimsy. 

Another great looking garden double-sided train station clock, but the large numbers on the 3, 6, 9, and 12 give this timepiece a light touch of whimsy, perfect for a modern garden setting that’s got a lot of unique touches. It is made of metal, weather resistant, and features a temperature meter on the second side.

Grand Central Dual-Sided Outdoor Clock


If you love something New York…

This two-sided railway clock is very much like the Paddington Station clock from above, but of course here featuring the famous Grand Central Station! It’s a perfect garden clock for those nostalgic for all things New York.

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