Five Top Swiss Railway Clocks Not Made By Mondaine

When you here the words “Swiss railway clocks”, for those familiar with train station clocks, their minds immediately jump to Mondaine. That company is, after all, the maker of the official Swiss Railway clock. But there are other options out there too that play off this modern and sleek design. And while they may not have Mondaine’s brand cache, that also means that they (typically) don’t carry that Mondaine price tag either.

If you want the cool factor and high quality of the real thing, go with Mondaine. But if you’re one that loves the sleek style, but wants to save a little cash, here are five top Swiss railway clocks that are not made by the official company. They’re all modern, stylish, and (typically) much more budget-friendly.

Karlsson Swiss Railway Wall Clock: Double-Sided, Aluminum

A TSC HQ favorite. Double-sided is always cool. 

One of our favorite options out there because of the fact that it’s a double-sided railway clock. You get the Swiss railway clock beauty coming and going. These are not easy to track down, so having one readily available and made by the quality brand Karlsson is a great treat. The modern simplicity is all there, just some small design changes. For instance, the famous ball at the end of the sweeping hand is not here. And the hand tapers down in size as a subtle differentiator.

That being said, this timepiece stands quite well on its own merits. It’s a quality build with some serious cool factor. And it definitely comes in at a good price for being double-sided.

Hermle’s Grand Central Wall Clock

Equal in price, it comes down to subtle differences. 

Here’s a case where the price is comparative, and it comes down to the brand name. Hermle is a well-known German clock manufacturer, and like Mondaine, it’s all about precision. This is a lateral move in terms of price when you compare the size of this clock (nearly 12 inches) to the 10 inch size of most of the sub $200 Mondaine clocks (around 10 inches). The main difference again is the changes in the sweeping hand. A tapered sword hand that does feature a ball (outlined, not filled like Mondaine’s) about 3/4 of the way down the sweeping hand. It’s a quality build that’ll look great in any modern space, so this may all come down to subtle preferences whether you choose this or a sub-$200 Mondaine clock.

Karlsson Station Wall Clock: Polished Steel

A real affordable winner by Karlsson.

The price is certainly right when you compare this Karlsson clock to its Mondaine counterparts. Coming in less than $50, this is without a doubt a cheap train station clock, but it’s Karlsson, so it’s still going to be quality. The key difference lie in the sweeping hand and the minutes hand of this clock. The sweeping hand is thin as a blade of grass for its length, and the minutes hand definitely has gone on a diet as well. It’s much thinner than what you’d see in Mondaine’s famous style. But for many, these will be small sacrifices to make to get this modern design in their home or office, especially at this price.

CafePress Swiss Railway Clock Wall Clock

It doesn’t get budget-friendlier, but there’s a catch.

The cheapest of all Swiss railway clocks listed here, and there’s a reason for that. The face is printed on paper, and the weeping hand is inactive. It’s there for show to feel like the real thing. This is the clock to get if price is the sole factor you’re basing your choices on, but if you can afford to step up, go with the Karlsson clock above. It’s worth the minor cash upgrade.

Kikkerland Swiss Station Wall Clock: Ultra Flat, Black

And now for something completely different.

If you want to step out of the norm, Kikkerland has created a Swiss station clock that’s ultra-modern. The batons and simplicity fit the mold, but the black face with popping yellow accents and clock hands certainly grab attention. If you’re one that wants to push the envelope, but loves this simple station style, here’s a choice that you really won’t see from Mondaine.

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