Best Antique-Looking Double-Sided Railway Clocks

When you want a classic train station clock style, you’ll want to take a serious look at double-sided railway clocks. They are one of the styles that make railway clocks so very unique. And antique-looking double-sided railway clocks can give rustic decor and other classic design styles a real extra special touch.

Here are five amazing double-sided train station clocks, all with an old-world charm that’ll warm up any space, both indoors and out.


If you love New York, this old-school railway clock is perfect.

Grand Central Station is famous for its interior design, and its station clocks are some of the world’s most famous. This double-sided station clock features the Grand Central name and city, with an antiqued face and classic Roman numerals. It’s definitely got a feel like an early century New York station timepiece. And it can be used either indoors or outdoors, so you’ve got a lot of options in terms of placement.

Howard Miller 625-358 Luis Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock

A double-sided clock classic, and with a thermometer for good measure!

Howard Miller makes some excellent timepieces, and this railway clock is no exception. With its iron finish (all antiqued), the ornate metalwork on the hanging bracket, and the off-white beauty of the clock face to set it all off, you’ve got yourself a real eye-catching choice. And there’s the bonus of a thermometer on both sides. This is an exceptional outdoor station clock that totally works indoors too.

Sterling Home Bronze Metal Double Sided Train Station Style Chateau Wall Clock

A rustic French feel and a unique bracket style sets this one apart.

If your home style is French country or any sort of rustic decor style, this train station clock will complement it to a tee. It’s got a bronze finish that’s been antiqued to perfection, and the clock face too has been aged flawlessly. The kickers are the French wording and the very unique hanging bracket – they both set this clock in a category of its own. It’s part of Sterling’s Parisian Collection, so you can offset this clock with other pieces to bring the whole look home.

Small London Train Station Double 2-Sided Clock

A Kensington Station decorative clock, perfect for the London fanatics out there. 

This timepiece is a model (in miniature) of the late 1800’s Kensington station clock. It’s got a beautiful antiqued iron frame, and of course the clock face announces in style its Kensington heritage. It’s a cool choice, especially for anybody obsessed with all things London. Know that this clock is on the smaller side – with the clock face measuring at 4.75″ across. This may limit its use in certain areas, but it is a big winner as a bistro or hallway clock where space is limited.

Benzara Double Sided Railway Wood Clock

Looking for a western feel? Here’s the one. 

If you’re after a taste of the wild west in your two-sided station clock, you’ll want to shoot for this one. It mixes antiqued brass with wood in a way that just feels like it should be hanging in a western town. Toss in an ornate metal bracket and the antique Roman numerals, and you won’t be surprised when this clock strikes high noon.

Double Your Pleasure

Double-sided railway clocks all offer something really fun to any home decor. And these antique replicas have each got a personality of their own. One is bound to work with your home decor, but if you don’t see your favorite there, there are many more to choose from.

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