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Best Railway Clocks To Use With Americana Decor

Americana decor is so very popular these days. It uses simple woods, metals, and cloth to create primitive art featuring the nation’s colors and some of America’s great iconic logos. Certain types of vintage railway clocks fit very well with this popular rustic decorating style. They may not have the red, white, and blue charm of the Americana decor itself, but they do use primitive materials, distressing, and American railroad tie-ins to create a very complementary vibe.

If you’re looking for home furnishings to fill out your American decor style, then these specific types of railroad clocks are a terrific way to go about it. They add a primitive beauty to your look while bringing a lot of helpful function. See five favorites here. Read more ›

Seeking Stylish Modern Office Clocks? Best Railway Wall Clock Options

Railway clocks can have surprising versatility, especially since they work so well in either home or office. As office clocks they really shine – especially the modern railway styles. Those work from cubicle to private office, from hallway to kitchenette. A few modern railway clocks in your place of work can really ramp up the style of your space, and bring a few smiles along with it. It’s a simple way to bring personality and coolness to an environment that’s too easily sterile.

Below are five of our favorite train station clocks that we think are perfect as modern office clocks. They are stylish, sleek, and even industrial in design. And all of them have something to say, so they liven up the workplace. Read more ›

Looking For Large Clocks? Five Railway Clocks That Wow

Sometimes a room’s style counts on something big and bold to anchor a wall. That’s where large clocks come in, particularly large wall clocks. They can be a terrific focal point of a space, something that grabs the eye and which you can design the rest of your room around if you’d prefer. There aren’t many pieces of wall art that can do that along with giving you the functionality that a big clock can as well.

Here are five of our favorite large railway clocks, both rustic and modern, that you can use in this way. All of them are 20 inches in diameter or larger, so they definitely have a presence in a room. You’ll be surprised by how much depth they’ll provide to your style. Read more ›

Want A Grand Central Station Clock? Three Railway Clocks That Fit Right In

Grand Central Station is arguably the most famous train station in the world. And throughout its time, there have been many a Grand Central Station clock to draw the eyes. They give the station style, a sense of nostalgia, and a vintage class that’s beyond compare. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that people love finding home decor that feels like it could be a Grand Central Station clock.

Below are three selections all that do just that. They, in fact, announce those terminal ties in writing – all feature the words Grand Central right on their clock faces.Whether you’re a lover of New York retro decor, railway decor, rustic decor, or simply vintage clocks, one of these Grand Central clocks is sure to add personality to your space. Read more ›

Best Railway Clocks For Western Home Decor

Country cowboy to rustic cool, western home decor is something that many people love. It’s fun to add a little American old-world charm to the home, and railway clocks can bring a lot to the table. The West and railroads are after all forever tied together.

If you’re looking for some timepieces to bring to life that rustic decor look–that edge of the Wild West–check the five out below. Some are wall clocks, others are double-sided railway clocks, but each fits right in with western home decor. So much so that you may end up calling mid-day “High Noon” just for having them around. Read more ›

Five Top Swiss Railway Clocks Not Made By Mondaine

When you here the words “Swiss railway clocks”, for those familiar with train station clocks, their minds immediately jump to Mondaine. That company is, after all, the maker of the official Swiss Railway clock. But there are other options out there too that play off this modern and sleek design. And while they may not have Mondaine’s brand cache, that also means that they (typically) don’t carry that Mondaine price tag either.

If you want the cool factor and high quality of the real thing, go with Mondaine. But if you’re one that loves the sleek style, but wants to save a little cash, here are five top Swiss railway clocks that are not made by the official company. They’re all modern, stylish, and (typically) much more budget-friendly. Read more ›

Five Top Table Clocks: Train Station Clock Style

While you normally see train station clocks as wall clocks or two-sided clocks, there is a miniature market out there too. Railway table clocks and alarm clocks are a favorite for both bedrooms and offices alike. They’ve got that iconic train station fashion that makes them special.

Many look very much like their big brother railway wall clocks, while others take a more creative bent. However you go, these are table clocks that are stylish and full of personality. See five of the best choices that you’ve got right here. They make great office gifts, and many are good as traveler’s clocks. Read more ›

Garden Decor: Seven Train Station Clocks That Look Great As Garden Ornaments

Garden decorations are at their best when they complement the natural and rustic feel so often found in those beautiful landscapes. And train station clocks can be a surprising great fit as garden clocks!

There are quite a few double-sided trains railway clocks that look amazing as a form of garden art, and even a few outdoor wall clocks that stand out as top-notch outdoor garden ornaments. When you’ve got a wall in that garden that’s just waiting for something unique, below are five of the timepieces to bring your style home. They’ve all got a rustic decor sense to them, matching ornate classic metals and earthen tones, perfect to round out your garden or patio decor! Read more ›

Train Station Clocks 101: Railway Clock Styles From Old World To New

Let’s cut to the chase: Train station clocks are one of the most unique decorative clocks out there today. How many clock styles can run from turn of the century nostalgia to modern Swiss design? How many offer you so many different styles, from the traditional wall clock to the double-sided station clock? How many have been featured prominentlyin major films and sought after by one of the biggest tech companies in the world?

Only train station clocks. Or railway clocks, station clocks, or railroad clocks. They go by many names, but no matter what you call them, they are something special. Read more ›

Mondaine Wall Clocks: The Official Swiss Railway Clock – Two Top Choices Below $200

Take a look at these two Mondaine wall clocks, both modern and timelessly beautiful. Mondaine is the official timekeeper of arguably the most famous of all railways – the Swiss Railroad. You KNOW the Swiss wouldn’t hand out an honor like that to any second-rate clock brand.

Mondaine is one of the best, and the two must-see Mondaine wall clocks below (both under $200) are all of the highest quality while still being at a decent price! They can give any room a dose of modernism: clean lines, simple shapes, and yet top-notch design through and through. They’ll work perfectly in a den or office, and as a birthday or Christmas gift, these Mondaine wall clocks are a great value for their quality and style. You can bet they’ll be a talking piece for guests and co-workers alike.

Read more ›

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