Best Railway Clocks To Use With Americana Decor

Americana decor is so very popular these days. It uses simple woods, metals, and cloth to create primitive art featuring the nation’s colors and some of America’s great iconic logos. Certain types of vintage railway clocks fit very well with this popular rustic decorating style. They may not have the red, white, and blue charm of the Americana decor itself, but they do use primitive materials, distressing, and American railroad tie-ins to create a very complementary vibe.

If you’re looking for home furnishings to fill out your American decor style, then these specific types of railroad clocks are a terrific way to go about it. They add a primitive beauty to your look while bringing a lot of helpful function. See five favorites here.

Large Grand Central Station Wall Clock, 23 inches

Red and white fits right in. 

There are few things more American than Grand Central Station. Normally a Grand Central Station clock may be too urban or ornate to fit the primitive American decor style, but this railway clock actually fits extremely well. The face is red with white writing, perfect coloring for the style and distressed to fit right in. The Grand Central tie-in adds an interesting layer to the other iconic images so prevalent with Americana. It’s a big clock too (23 inches), so if you’re in need of a piece that can hold its own against a lot of other accent pieces, you’ve definitely got one here.

Great Pacific Railroad Extra Large Wall Clock, 23 Inches

The wood appearance works.

Wood is such a big piece of what makes Americana decor so special, and this train station clock works perfectly in that world. Its clock face is finished to appear like wood. And it ties in vintage train imagery along with celebrating the “Great Pacific Railway” on the clock face in old block lettering. It’s a simple piece that does a great job tying in American railway themes to the rustic primitive Americana vibe. It’s also another large clock at 23 inches across, so it’ll definitely stand out in your space.

River City Clocks Indoor Metal Skeleton Clock, 30 Inches

Simple metal will complement nearly any decorating style. 

With Americana home decor, the simpler the better in terms of the materials. And few things get simpler than a metal skeleton clock like this. It’s reminiscent of a tower clock from back in the railroad station towns of the American West. This is a big clock – even bigger than those above – at 30 inches across. You’ll want to think out the space you’ll need for this piece of rustic wall decor.

Sterling Metal/Glass Leona Wall Clock, 26 Inches

A terrific primitive mix of metal and rope. 

With its iron finish and rope hanging system, here’s a wall clock that’ll actually raise the bar on primitive style among your Americana home decor. It’s another skeleton clock beauty, so it feels as simple as can be. The rope really is a nice touch, as rope and twine are often used throughout this home decorating style. It just helps this clock work in the environment perfectly. Be prepared with wall space, as it’s 26 inches in diameter.

Sterling Wooden Roman Numeral Outdoor Wall Clock, 24 Inches

For your outdoor rustic decorating. 

If you’re looking to spread your home decorating style to the outdoors, then this wooden clock with bronze accents can help. It’ll work quite well on a front porch filled with Americana decorations. It too is on the bigger side – 24 inches – so consider that when building out your design style.

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