Five Cheap Railway Clocks Under $50!

You can spend some good money on a quality railway clock, but sometimes the budget isn’t there. Don’t worry! There are some cheap railway clocks out there that still look (and work) great! Everything from Swiss railway clock styles to retro train station clocks. And they’ll fit into any budget.

Take a look at these. They are some of the best cheap train station clocks you are going to find and none top $50! All are perfect as a gift or a budget-friendly home or office clock.

Swiss Railway Clock Wall Clock by CafePress

This Swiss style station clock is quite the value.

Often top of the line Swiss railway clocks come in at a minimum of $100, so a replica that doesn’t hit $20 is quite a treat! It has those beautiful modern lines that you’ve got to love, and at ten inches across it’s a great choice for a wall clock just about anywhere in your home or office. It’s made of plastic and it does require one AA battery to run, so you will need to handle with some care and keep a few spare batteries around. Still, at $18, it’s a great budget railway clock choice.

Roger Lascelles Railway Station Wall Clock, 14.2-Inch

A little antique magic and a lot of old world charm, at a very friendly price.

With a faux antique finish and a nod to days gone by, this Rager Lascelles railway clock gives any room a very cool old world vibe. Its face is modeled after a Victorian era railway clock, so obviously if you’ve got a thing for classic European style, this unique clock is right up your alley. It would look terrific among leather couches or amid rustic decor, making it great for dens, offices, and living rooms especially!

It runs on one AA battery (and one is included with the clock, by the way.)

Roman Numeral Double Sided Wall Clock Train Station

A double-sided railway clock at a steal of a price. 

It’s not often you see a beautiful double-sided railway clock at such a good price. It’s a classic style using antiqued metal and some lovely scroll work on the metal bracket. The double-sided clock face has also been antiqued, and the look is topped off with vintage-style Roman numerals. It’s the kind of double-sided wall clock that can really make someone take a second look.

Batteries are also required here – two AA batteries per clock face (four total). It sits at about 16″ tall and the clock itself comes out from the wall to about 16″ again.

Kikkerland Swiss Station Ultra Flat Wall Clock, Black

Super thin and very sleek. A railway clock for the ultra-modern home or office. 

This Kikkerland station clock is a stunner in an ultra modern black and yellow. It’s an evolution on the modern Swiss station clock that’s perfect for home styles that push the envelope in terms of modern design. It’s also a cool clock for those into graphic design and sleek dimensions, as this wall clock is one of the thinnest out there – it’s only 3/4″ wide!

Again, a battery is essential, but this stunner uses a cell lr1130 battery, most likely to keep the profile as slim as possible.

Karlsson Wall Clock Station Numbers Hologram Steel Polished

A black, budget-friendly beauty of a station clock…with a twist!

From one angle, you’ve got your normal looking Swiss train station clocks design. And from another, you’ll take a double take – as you’ll be treated to modern styled numbers! This Karlsson wall clock has a twist to it – it uses a hologram on the clock face so that you’ll see either numbers or batons (those white lines) depending on your viewing angle. It’s a definite talking piece.

One AA battery is required, and you’ll need to pick one up as it’s not included in the purchase.

As you see, there’s a ton of amazing cheap railway clocks, and you don’t take too big a hit on design or quality compared to the higher-end models! They are all a real bang for the buck. And if one of these top budget-friendly clocks doesn’t work for you, there’s even more inexpensive choices available. Definitely check them out.

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